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September 20, 2011 / flogginwater

Another New Look

With other bloggers tweaking their sites – I decided to change the look here at Floggin’ Water as well – in hopes of cleaning things up a bit and making them easier to use. Changes to note: The “Pages” area has now been converted to tabs right under the banner image. The ‘Technique Corner’ and ‘Gear Corner’ areas have been converted to pages and can be found up top now, along with the Beginner’s Fly Fishing Primer and Blogger Spotlight sections.

Left in the side bar you will still find our Facebook Fanpage link, the Floggin Army (aka those who openly admit to following this blog), Post Archives, this week’s most read posts, and the all time most read posts, along with the weekly poll (which you have 1 day left to vote for the week, so get the vote out!)

Of course my Blog Roll is still there too – though I’ve made a change to show only the 10 most recently updated blogs – since my blog roll is getting huge, and well, no one wants to scroll through two full pages of blog links. I think.

Let me know what you think of the changes, good or bad. I want to make this place as readable and easy to navigate as possible while keeping things tidy and clean.


  1. Cofisher / Sep 20 2011 17:23

    I like it Mark, it's very clean and readable. I also joined you on FB. Good job.

  2. Mel / Sep 20 2011 19:39

    Hi Mark, I like your changes. Looks very organized and easy to navigate. Trust me, I have tweaked my various blogs a gazillion times. BTW, I would like to ask if you could update my blog over on your blog roll. Here is my new link

    Thanks, as always,

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