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September 21, 2011 / flogginwater

Splitting the Difference

This morning I was perusing my various tackle shopping web sites – The Fly Shop (out of Northern CA), Cabela’s, and the sites for other local shops. The Cabela’s LSi fly rods went on sale this morning in their “Bargain Cave” – $189 rods now selling for $113.00 (these are the 4 piece) – the two piece LSi’s are selling for $107. I couldn’t pass up the deal, so the decision was made for me which rod to buy – that is, to buy *first*.

The LSi rods being on such a sale clinched it. I had to buy one. Then I looked at their combos – which are still selling for regular price. Hmm. Okay – lets check something. They’re selling their Prestige Plus reel (which comes with one of the LSi combos) – for $29.99, which is $20 off the regular price. Throw in one of their Prestige fly lines and backing and the total came to $171.00 – with .50 cents shipping cost since my order was over $99 (a special they’re running until the 26th). So $171.50 for the LSi rod (9′ 4 piece 6 weight), a mid arbor reel, fly line, and backing. The only difference between what I ordered, and their LSi/Prestige Plus combo is the fly line. The official combo comes with a “Prestige Plus” fly line – which is a step up from the line I ordered with this setup. But I’m saving $60 over the cost of the combo – which is going toward a 2nd rod which I’ll buy from my local fly shop.

So now it looks like it will come down to a 4 way decision between getting an Echo Carbon (or Solo), the Fish Field, a Wright & McGill, or maybe a St. Croix. With the money I saved, plus whatever I get as birthday present (my in laws always give cash, as do my parents) – plus the extra I’ve made from work this week – I’ll be able to swing another nice rod. I’m giddy like a school girl.

Since I ordered the 6 weight from Cabela’s, I’ll probably be looking at shorter, lighter line weight rods from the other makers, probably in the 3-4 weight class.



  1. Cofisher / Sep 21 2011 17:11

    Mark, seriously check out the W&M Featherlight in the 7'6″ 3/4 weight. If you cant some good reviews, Check out Fiberglass Flyrodders web site and do a search for featherlight. These are not your grandpa's W&M rods. It is glass, but are put together very attractively and are great small stream rods. The reviews have been great and the you can pick them up for usually less than $50.

  2. John Montana / Sep 21 2011 17:49

    Sounds like a good deal. If you want to get serious about the carp thing, you may want tom look at heavier rods though. A 7 or 8 wt is a must for columbia river carp.

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