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September 29, 2011 / flogginwater

Is there an Echo…echo…echo… in here?

Today was a happy, happy day. I ended the day with 2 more fly rods than I began it with. First up, Big Brown Santa (aka UPS man) dropped off my new LSi rod combo from Cabela’s. Being the big kid I am, I had to tear into the package and get the combo assembled ASAP. Glad I bought it. Even more glad I bought it last week – when it was on sale. It went back up to regular price on Tuesday.

My wife and I picked up my nephew when he got off work this morning, and he accompanied us to the River City Fly Shop in Beaverton. River City is my favorite shop, bar none. The owner, Don, is about the coolest fly shop owner ever. Easy to talk to, no high pressure sale techniques, and always helpful. He’s also always taken great care of me, be I buying just a few bucks worth of tying materials, or a $300+ rod.

Today was no different. I went in with the idea of buying a heavier rod – a 7 or 8 weight – since trout season is winding down, and the salmon and steelhead season is ramping up. Plus there was John Montana’s recommendation of a long, heavier rod for carpin’ fun versus a 6 weight.

The first rod I cast again was the Echo Ion 9 foot, 7 weight 4 piece rod. I really liked that rod, but I wanted to cast another rod or three before making a decision. Don had a 10 foot 8 weight Echo Ion, so I cast that one. I liked that one too – by far it was the nicest casting 8 weight I’ve ever tried. It was lighter than most, the grip was far more comfortable (the Echo’s version of a full wells grip is WAY more comfortable and shapely than the typical full wells on other rods). It was still a tad stiffer than I like when casting an 8 weight line, so when I decided to buy the 10 footer, I opted for a 9 weight line to go with it and slow the rod down a hair.

I matched the Ion rod up with the Echo Ion 810 reel. This thing is HUGE, but it’s super light for it’s size. Honestly it doesn’t feel a lot heavier than the Cabela’s Prestigue Plus 5/6 when loaded. Don spooled on 150 yards of 20lb backing for me (I’m not worried about breaking my backing, or my fly line. The tippet will snap before the dacron does) under my Echo #9 WF floater line. Don also threw in a loop-on sinking head rated for 9 ips, in case I need to get my flies down quick. If I need more than the 5′ mini head gets, I’ve got that 10′ Cortland fast sinking shooting head I can add on.

The best part, Don threw in the line, backing, and shooting head for free. $360 worth of goodies for $290. THAT, friends, is as good as it gets.

Reviews will come soon, after I’ve had a chance to really exercise these rods and see what they’re made of.


  1. John Montana / Sep 29 2011 21:15

    I dig that echo…carping machine there…

    River city rocks.

  2. Will K / Sep 30 2011 17:31

    Echos are great rods. Congrats on the additions!!

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