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September 30, 2011 / flogginwater

Blogger Spotlight – SuperMegaPower Edition (RIVER KEEPER, The Naturalist’s Angle, Troutrageous!, Flowing Waters)

I’ve been slacking on this feature for way too long, so this week I’m rolling out a SuperMegaPower Edition – FOUR Bloggers in a single spotlight – that’s right folks, FOUR bloggers and four Blogs

First up: Brad from The River Keeper. Brad is fellow Oregonian and member of the Oregon Fishing Forum. While his posts are usually short, they’re info packed. He’s an accomplished angler, and he’s shared his passion with his kids, and with us, his readers. Go visit The River Keeper and say hello.

Next up: Jay from The Naturalist’s Angle. Jay hails from Memphis. His knowledge and curiosity of animals is pretty vast. What he doesn’t know, he wants to know. What he does know, he shares with us in pieces in his blog, which is filled with pictures and stories about his adventures with his gal Kelly, who is herself quite a fisherlady. In addition to being a good story teller, fisherman, and photographer, he’s also handy with wood and the tools to craft it into neat things, like his rod rack recently featured. Go check out The Naturalist’s Angle for a look.

Third in line is Michael from none other than Troutrageous!. Troutrageous is a powerhouse in the blogger world. His passion for fly fishing, Tenkara or western style, drives that powerhouse. One of the most full featured blogs around – you will spend hours on Troutrageous! and not have even scratched the surface. It’s a good way to kill a day off if the weather is too crap to fish in, or if you’ve tied so many flies your carpal tunnel has carpal tunnel. Go say “Hi” and show your Troutrageous love.

Last but certainly not least is Wolfy from Flowing Waters. Wolfy took a bit of a hiatus from blogging for a while when he moved from Illinois to Maryland. Wolfy is your every day fisherman, just like you or me. He fishes when he can, and shares those adventures with us – be it farm pond bass, public pond panfish, or just walking outside his new home to explore his new environment. He’s got some great pictures up right now of the creatures from his new neighborhood, and some pretty pannies from a local pond. Check it out. Flowing Waters


  1. Mel / Oct 1 2011 10:38

    Kudos to you, Mark, for taking the time to plug these great blogs and bloggers. I will second the notion that they are a great set of blogs and guys who write them.

  2. Jay / Oct 24 2011 23:18

    Sorry I missed this when you originally posted… but better late than never. Thanks for the spotlight.

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