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September 30, 2011 / flogginwater

LSi – Virginity Lost

Thursday is Fishin’ Day for me, and yesterday was no different. My original plan was to hit the Willamette River with my friend Jason for some crappie and bass action, and then head coastward and hit up another river for some salmon, steelhead, or trout action.

I took three rods along for this expedition – my two newest fly rods (the LSi 6 weight and the Echo Ion 8 weight) – and my old Luhr-Jensen 6′ ultra light spinning rod. We were going to slaughter the crappie, hence the light rod.

I got to Jason’s at 0630 (6:30AM) and we were on the water a little after 7AM. The bite was slow to start – fishing small jigs tipped with Berkley Crappie Nibbles power bait chunks under Thill floats. Jason had the first fish (and most fish for the day). As the sun warmed the water, the bite got better. I landed a few fish with the spin rod, then switched to my fly rod. I can’t recall any other rods, except for maybe the old, old Quantum Micro rod I purchased in Kansas when I was 15, that lost their fishy virginity to a crappie.

The LSi pitched the #6 yellow and chartreuse bugger with ease. The small oxbow we were fishing didn’t require long casts, so I didn’t try for anything but a 40′ cast – so It’ll take another trip or three before I can see how far I can punch with the new rod.

Being too used to not having a camera with me for the last couple trips, I forgot I had the camera with me for the first few fish I caught. I finally pulled my head out of my drawers, and fired up the camera for a fish.

I forgot to get pix for the fish caught afterward.

Jason had consulted the Solunar tables prior, and they claimed that 12-2 would be the hottest bite of the day. We weren’t positive about that, but Jason wanted to hit another spot about ten miles or so downstream, so we trailered the boat and hit the highway. Launched downstream at another town, and made the short run downstream to Jason’s other honey hole – which turned out to be a disappointment. No fish biting, despite fish showing up on the fish finder.

We moved downstream and worked the bank as hard as we could, marking fish on the graph but not getting anything. Finally I picked up a straggler, a little 10″ smallmouth that fought bigger than he measured. That was the last fish boated.

Jason had to work at 4, so we were off the water by 2. That was a bit late for me to head coastward, so I just headed home early. I didn’t even string the Echo up.

While it’s still up in the air at the moment, I might be heading over toward the Deschutes river next Thursday. If I don’t hit it next week, then it’ll be the week after for sure. Big trout, October Caddis, and the possibility of Steel again. Mwahahahahahahaa.

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