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October 1, 2011 / flogginwater

Reader Poll Results – Big Honkin 4x4s FTW

In the last reader poll, I asked what you thought the perfect fishin’ vehicle was. Compact pickups and compact SUV’s each got a vote, but the big winner was the full size 4×4 pickup. Make sure when you get your mega truck, that you fit it with brush guard, cattle guard, extra head lamps, fog lamps, work lamps (because you gotta see in those pre-dawn hours driving to the stream, and when the jackass in the oncoming lane won’t dim his lights, ya gotta teach ’em a lesson, right?)

Other goodies you shouldn’t forget – nerf bars, vinyl seats, rubberized floor mat, sprayed in bed liner, headache rack (for mounting lights to, along with the big laser-cut fish for the back window), full-vehicle vinyl wrap (in your favorite fish pattern), and an extra tall cap with locking rod & gun storage racks, boot dryer, fold-out seat for donning and doffing your waders, full fly tying or lure-making bench, roof rack for your canoe/kayak/portaboat. Fore & aft receivers for pulling a bass boat (or drift boat, or jet sled), and we can’t forget the 10,000lb PTO driven winch – you know, in case you get bogged down in the mud or stuck on a slippery boat ramp. Or if you decide to lower your drift boat 100′ down the canyon wall over the guard rail, because the best water is upstream of the last honest to god drift boat slide.

Inside you’ll need GPS, a laptop with wifi (for blogging and googling the latest fly patterns or hottest lure for the water you’re fishing.) Don’t forget the extra large hard drive for downloading the latest episodes of your favorite fishin’ shows. You’ll need satellite radio too – to get your favorite tunes while roaring across the tundra or the unblazed prairie trails.

You need to cover the tail gate and rear side windows with stickers from your favorite bloggers, magazines, tackle makers, and of course your annual park passes and parking passes for your favorite fishin’ holes.

Long live the full size 4 x 4!



  1. Cofisher / Oct 1 2011 16:47

    Don't forget the BIG knobby tires. Oh yeah, we're in a recession!

  2. Kim@Snug Harbor / Oct 12 2011 13:40

    We have always had a pickup – how can anyone live without one?

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