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October 4, 2011 / flogginwater

Want to Cast Like a Champ? Get the Right Line.

Today I spent an hour or so in the back yard with the LSi, trying to get the right rhythm down with this rod, as I’d like to be able to cast more than 35 feet with it on a regular basis. I was concentrating so hard on getting things right, I made my casting worse at times. And then it hit me – try another line (or two.)

For giggles, I tried the 9 weight I just got. As expected, it reeeeeally slowed the rod down. Too much. 35 foot casts were effortless – but 35 feet is all you get, because any attempt at further casting overloads the rod too much.

So I tried a more reasonable line – the one from my switch rod – which is an Airflo Ridge Tactical Trout. This line loads the LSi MUCH better than the Cabela’s Prestige line does. I easily added 20 feet to a cast by simply switching the lines. Double hauling I could hit 65-70 feet regularly, whereas I had been struggling to get 50′ with the Cabela’s line. It’s not a knock on the Cabela’s line – but rather I should have put a bit more thought in line selection when I bought the combo. My intent, of course, was to have the Cabela’s line just get me through this season, and to replace it with a Scientific Angler’s Sharkskin line next spring. At this point – I think I’m going to stick the Airflo line with the LSi, and pick up a new line for the switch rod – maybe an Airflo 40+, since it’s in the proper weight range that Echo recommends be used with my model of switch rod, and is actually recommended as a line used with switch rods.

So now I’m ready for the trip over the hill to the famed Deschutes River on Thursday, sure that I’ll be able to punch a cast out a ways if needed. I can’t wait.


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  1. Tim Gerke / Oct 6 2011 16:04

    Do they still make sharkskin? I have it on my 5wt and I love it. sSides right across the water and through the guides. Worth the extra $$ in my opinion. RIO has a textured line too now.

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