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October 16, 2011 / flogginwater

Been a while…

Been a while since I posted. Needed a little break from the blog, and I’ve been fairly busy anyway.

Week ago Thursday I hit up the fabled Deschutes River in central Oregon with my wife and my nephew. Its been years since I fished that river seriously, so I had asked for advice on a couple of the internet forums I’m a member of. Received some great info.

We started down river of the town of Maupin. It’s a town with a population of about 400 permanent residents, but it has two fly shops, about half a dozen restaurants/bars, and a nice RV park. It’s a tourist town for sure – the center of the fishing and white water rafting universe along the Deschutes.

2nd cast of the day into a slack water pool, I hooked into a BIG steelhead (we were trouting, so I was tossing a double nymph rig under an indicator. 5X tippet standard) – had the big boy on for about 30 seconds, till he got into the heavy current of the main channel, then POP. Busted leader.

The river really made us work for what it gave. Had a few follows, a few hook ups. It was finally after lunch before I landed the one and only fish of the day, a 12″ white fish on a #16 pink copper john.

Despite the hard work and low fish numbers – it was a GREAT day. The Deschutes Canyon is probably THE most beautiful place in all of Oregon. Rugged high desert canyon, sage brush, rattle snakes, prairie grasses, juniper trees, and jagged rock. The river is cold, deep, and clear – and full of fish. White fish, suckers, squawfish, redband trout, summer run steelhead, and chinook (king) salmon.

It’s a place I’ve got to make a regular visit to, just have to. I can really see what it was that my brother in law was so enamored with, why this was his favorite river.

This past Thursday, I took my nephew fishing for trout and steelhead along the Oregon coast. Saw lots of fish, and I had a couple good hook ups with my 8 weight swinging big marabou and rabbit fur flies, but not a lot of action. Wound up switching to trout gear and caught a few nice sea run cutties, the biggest came off a grass hopper pattern, of all things (it was the only big dry fly in my box, and there was a hatch of big yellow may flies coming off, which was weird given the cold weather and late season.)

We had a great lunch at a little diner along the river, then went upstream in search of trout. Saw more steelies and salmon, but concentrated on the cutties. My nephew finally caught his first fly caught stream trout, which was cool.

Getting back to the car though, the day took a shitty turn. My jeep was broken into, and Tyler’s backpack, cell phone, android phone (which he used for MP3 playing and internet surfing, as it wasn’t activated as a phone yet) were stolen, along with my camera (which I’d forgotten to take with after resuming fishing after lunch.) Thankfully the thieves did NOT nab my two new fly rods, which I’d left in the back in lieu of taking just my switch rod. Wasn’t really feeling warm and fuzzy about leaving those rods in the car, but carrying multiple rods was getting cumbersome, and I wanted to be more mobile for the afternoon’s fishing.

God damned thieves anyway.

From now on, I’m only taking one rod fishing, unless I’m fishing with my cheap rods. No sense risking loosing one of the more expensive rods, especially if I’m fishing the rods I inherited from my brother in law.

I notified the county sheriff about the break in, but they passed the buck along to the state police. I guess that makes sense, the county in which the break in happened doesn’t exactly have a huge sheriff’s office. It was also along a state highway, and the car was parked on state lands when it was broken into – making it OSP’s playground anyway. (And OSP has more resources than TCSO anyway.)

The state police are mailing me a form to fill out for the official report. Doubt I’ll ever get my camera back – but hopefully the bastards who did this are found. Actually, I hope they wind up getting caught breaking into the wrong guy’s rig, and get what’s really coming to them. There’s a lot of rugged individualist types along the coast – folks who call the police *after* shit is taken care of.

For now, I’m tying up more flies, and trying to get myself more into a salmon and steelhead fishing mindset. My goals for this winter is to actually bring home a steelhead for the table (which means a hatchery fish, vs a wild fish.) – preferably brought to hand on my new 8 weight.

Here’s hoping.



  1. Jen / Oct 16 2011 16:51

    Ugh…I'm so sorry to hear about the thievery. It's one of the worst feelings – invasion of privacy. I hope you can enjoy your new 8wt and find those steelheads – I hear they are a lot of fun!

  2. Cofisher / Oct 16 2011 18:22

    Sorry to hear about the theft Mark. That pisses me off no end. Just once I'd like to hear that they get caught in the act by someone who know what to before calling the police. Sounds like you had a pretty good time up until then.

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