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October 17, 2011 / flogginwater

People are Stupid

Excuse this diversion from our normal programming. The ongoing “protests” from around the country have gotten me thinking, and thus the following rant was born. It’s probably not something you want your children to read, so if there’s little ones looking over your shoulders, send them off to do something else for a while, or simply click something else for now.

Occupy Wall Street – and the other protests it has spawned, is, simply put, retarded.

Yeah, lets all go and protest big, evil corporations for making *gasp* PROFIT. Capitalism = bad! Oh noez, people are making MONEY from the labors of others! How HORRIBLE. Um, yeah. These same people typically seem to be either chronically unemployed losers, modern hippies, or socialists. They’re the people who have nothing better to do (like oh, WORK) than to go to rallies and chant their same old tired drivel about how capitalism is evil, and the government should do this or that to destroy the large profit earning corporations and give the money “to the people”, because you know, “the people” deserve it – despite the fact that they didn’t do the work to make the money.

These people LOVE them some government hand outs – food stamps, free health care, cash “benefits”, etc, but they won’t lift a finger to make money to pay taxes that provide these services. So who pays for those services? Oh, that’s right, those evil guys and gals who run and work for those big corporations. Because they like, have jobs, and pay taxes, mkay?

So what we end up with, every time there’s a cause that requires “protest” – we see the same faces. It’s because these people have nothing better to do – and they’re attending not because of some burning passion about whatever the subject at hand is – it’s because they’ve got nothing better to do, and they like causing trouble, and getting attention.

And these Occupy Wall Street types are rallying against the entirely WRONG people anyway. It’s NOT Wall Street that caused the economic woes we’re in. No – the folks that caused this bullshit in the first place are the folks down in Washington DC. The House of Representatives and the Senate, to start. And the folks who’ve occupied the White House for years. And we need to look back further than George Bush – I know he’s a popular target for the rant & chant crowd, but that’s because he had an (R) after his name, and not a (D).

It wasn’t George Bush or his administration that caused the problem’s we’re in. Look a few years prior to that, and you’ll see the man and the administration that put into place the policies which lead to Sub Prime lending, which is the #1 cause of the depression we’re in. Yes, I said depression. The talking heads in the government are scared to use that word, but it fits.

The Government made the rules about who to lend to, and what the requirements were. Not the banks, not Wall Street. The government said they had to make those loans available. THEY are the ones the protesters should be focusing on. Oh, but they won’t. The government is giving them their hand outs, can’t bite the hand that feeds you right? Oh, that’s right, they’re trying, since the GOVERNMENT isn’t the one actually providing funding for those hand outs – TAX PAYERS are. You know, Tax Payers, they’re those people WITH JOBS, earning a pay check.

So instead of marching on Washington and demanding CHANGE (you know, that fairy tale bullshit that the Obama campaign promised) – they’re just creating a public nuisance, and trying to find an excuse to clash with authorities. They’re accomplishing NOTHING that they actually claim they want.

And what do they REALLY want? The big evil corporations to be shut down? Sure – lets just throw what’s left of our economy right down the toilet, light it on fire, then drop a thermonuclear warhead on top just to be sure. Or maybe they want the government to take over the companies (hey, kind of like General Motors, right?) – that worked out GREAT for every other country that’s done that, right? Oh yeah, it hasn’t.

I know – they want us to abandon a monetary economy, and go all Star Trek utopia right? Yep, THAT’LL happen. Uh huh. About a hundred and fifty years after we invent warp drive. Which will be about a hundred years after pigs sprout wings and begin nesting in the tree tops at this point, since the economic sink hole we’re in has basically gutted the space program.

So what do they want? They want someone else to pay for their sorry asses to eat, have a place to stay, spending money, utilities, and they don’t want someone else to make them work for it. Basically they want to be giant children, tended to by their Nana – The Government. They want to make OTHERS work, so that they may eat, sleep, and live how they want.

AS cliche as it sounds, these people want socialism in it’s worst form. And it’s disgusting. Why should anyone work, if we can just have someone else provide for us, freeing up time for us to go protest that we’re not getting enough (hey, that works REALLY well for Greece, right?)

And it’s not just “Occupy Wall Street” – it’s the anti-war protesters, especially here in Portland, that know they’re not going to stop the war, but they use it as an excuse to break shit, fight with the police, and plug up traffic. The ongoing wars are just an easy cause to latch onto.

I’m not a huge fan of continuing the Iraq or Afghani campaigns as they are – it’s time to pull out and let the cards fall as they will. We’re *not* going to change these people, their history of thousands of years proves that. We’re not going to suddenly make these people embrace democracy, Republic style government, and the same freedoms we have.

If their people aren’t strong enough to oust the supposed minority of militant radicals in their midst by now, then they’re not going to be, and we’re pouring money into a bottomless pit. End the war, spend the money back home and Put America First. But wait, we can’t have that, because these protesters are the Blame America First crowd. Everything bad that happens is OUR fault. We deserve to be the target of militant radical groups. We deserve the mess we’re in. It’s like white guilt, but instead of being ashamed of their race, they’re ashamed to be American. Our government is evil (when it’s controlled by Republican party members, right?) and we should be more like other countries. How about we get advice from Russia? Oh, maybe Greece? Nah, how about Haiti? North Korea? China? Ah hell, how about we try out Somalia’s government (oh, wait, they don’t have one!) – Yeah, THAT’s IT. Let’s not have a government! Then we can have ruined cities, piles of rubble, pirates (Aarrrrrr!), and we can have UN forces delivering food and medical supplies to our refugees.

Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy! Yeah, that’s the ticket! THAT will get our economy back on track, right? Yeah!

These folks simply hate how good they have it, while at the same time wanting more. It’s a schizophrenic hive mind they share. They’re the penultimate example of greed, but they don’t see that. They say the greedy are the faceless corporations who seek to make a profit from their endeavors (because you know, so many people out there want to risk their personal fortunes, families, and sometimes lives to start a business just to have it break even or go broke, right?) These corporations and their officers, shareholders, and employees are EVIL for wanting to make money – to provide things for themselves and their families. THAT is the pure definition of evil, right? Because it’s bad to want things, and want the money that provides those things. Never mind that those folks will pay anywhere from 20-50% of their incomes in taxes. And it’s HORRIBLE and EVIL to want to pay LESS tax, right? Because all of us drones should want to pay MORE of our hard earned money in taxes, to provide more for those who won’t work.

Oh, wait. The protesters want things too. It’s OK for them to be greedy and want things (like iPhones, high speed internet, nice places to live, food in their bellies, designer clothes – the only thing a lot of these people don’t want is soap and shampoo and hot running water.)

They’re looking for the destruction of America as we know it, plain and simple. Of course, they’re just trouble makers, and there will be absolutely no change from their shenanigans, except to add another line to many of these folk’s arrest records. Fight with the cops. THAT always works out well, right? It’s not like they have pepper spray, tazers, batons, guns, or enough man power to just whip out a good old fashioned ass beating, right?

Try that Occupy Wall Street shit in some other country, like one of the ones these folks have wet dreams about, and see how that works out. I hear the Chinese treat protesters really swell, just ask those who were at Tienanmen Square a few years back. American cops are pussy cats compared to cops from other parts of the world when you start pushing them.

We’ve got a great country, and a fine economic system. We have ups and downs, but no one, in the history of the world, has come up with anything better. We have, from time to time, managed to fuck things up, but it’s bound to happen. We’re human. But we still allow people to be unemployed, annoying hippies – we still allow said unemployed (or underemployed, I’m sure a few of those protesters have a job, at least on paper) hippies and socialists to march in the streets and spew nonsensical bullshit at the tops of their lungs, without immediately following it with the sound of automatic gun fire and the sounds of popping cranial cavities.

These folks, are just adding to the economic problems we’re all facing. Extra police have to be on duty to keep the protesters in line (and take some of them to jail.) That means overtime pay for a lot of those cops. We have to house the ones who go to jail, causing us to spend money on them. We have to spend money on prosecuting them (okay, most of the charges will get dropped because the DA’s and the judges simply don’t want to deal with such bullshit, because they’d rather be putting rapists, thieves, and murderers on trial), we have to spend money on medical services for the ones that wind up injured (and in jail…generally). Not to mention the unemployment, food stamps, TANF, cash benefits (just how is it you get “benefits” without being employed? Just fucking call a spade a spade and instead of saying “benefits” just call it hand outs) that a lot of them are getting.

They’re creating more of a problem, rather than solving it. But they can’t see that.

They’re children, big, whining, greedy children who refuse to take care of themselves and expect someone else to provide for them. They can’t see that they don’t have a RIGHT to any specific job, they don’t have a RIGHT to a specific income – they don’t even have a RIGHT to eat if they can’t provide for themselves, but whatever. They think that RIGHT = entitlement.

They also don’t think anyone else has a right to make their own fortunes, and KEEP that fortune for themselves. Charity at the point of a gun isn’t charity. And that’s what government entitlement programs have become. (Try not paying your taxes anymore, I’m pretty sure that eventually, it’ll be guys with guns who come to collect YOU.)

Go home, get a job (you know, a job, where you do actual work of some sort in return for a pay check, which has taxes taken out of it,) and stop acting like a jack ass. And take a shower, for god sake. And stop trying to destroy the very people and things that are providing for your sorry asses, thus allowing you the free time, money, and energy to go act like a jack ass.

Or move to Europe or South America.



  1. e.m.b. / Oct 18 2011 08:03

    Thanks for taking the rant out of my mouth! 🙂

  2. Cofisher / Oct 18 2011 14:50

    I'm all out of breath, running to keep up with you.

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