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October 18, 2011 / flogginwater

Thanks for the Inspiration, Jay

I have to thank Jay from Colorado Fly Fishing Reports for inspiring my latest fly tying spree. His Geezuz Lizard and Texas Ringworm flies got me thinking and experimenting with the furled dubbing loop technique.

Like Jay, I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect sub-surface bass flies. Earlier this summer, I went so far as to add small Berkley Power Worms to some of my creations – which was straight up cheating. They did catch fish, but weren’t durable at all. I’m hoping that these straight up fur flies will hold up better.

I only tied 7 of them so far, I’ll sit down and bang out a few more tonight most likely.

Some of these I tied with bass in mind – others were more of a steelhead creation. For those who aren’t up on some of the trends in steelhead fishing here in the PNW (and other parts of the world) – plastic worms (originally intended for bassin’) have become a popular bait for steelhead. More specifically, pink, bubble gum colored worms are the rage. Guys have done well with others, but those that use anything but pink keep tight lipped about their favorite colors.

Purple is another good, productive color for steelhead flies and lures – so I mixed purple and pink and created these guys:

The other flies were inspired in part by the Yamamoto Senko worms that I use most often when I’m gear fishing for bass. They’re a super simple straight worm that catch bass like crazy. I’ve even caught cutthroat and rainbow trout on accident while bass fishing with these things.

My favorite color of the Senko worm is the red metal flake, so I wanted a red, or half-red worm, and thus these were born:

Then I went with some natural colored worms – which take more from the Geezus Lizard. Eventually I’ll get around to actually tying some Geezus Lizards and Texas Ringworms from Jay’s instructions, but it’s so fun to sit and create new and different stuff it’s hard to work from a pattern.

I am glad though, that Jay showed how to do the furled dubbing loops – I never would’ve thought of doing something like that. I can’t wait to try these on some fish.

I’ll have more pictures of other flies I’ve tied up recently also (been tying a bunch of steelhead flies lately.)

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