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October 25, 2011 / flogginwater

As Promised – More New Flies

I’m really digging the furled dubbing loop flies, and so I’ve tied up a few more to throw in the bass box. This time, I made my own dubbing for them, by chopping up UV Glo Bug yarn into short pieces, then tearing the pieces apart and mixing it with chopped up flash-a-bou and a little rabbit fur. It created a flashy, semi-course dubbing material for the tail sections. I alternated chartreuse and white on these, and gave them marabou bodies (since I didn’t have any chartreuse rabbit fur).

I also tied up a couple more of the black/brown/olive natural colored worms, then got into a kick on making some larger nymphs for carp and warm water fishing.

The last flies I tied up were some super simple flies meant to imitate some small tube flies – utilizing silicone tail material, and a dubbed body without hackle.

I *almost* wish I was living someplace warm and sunny right now – like Texas, Georgia, or Florida, where I could be bass fishing, instead of staring down 5 months of rain, gloom, and cold nasty temperatures.

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