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October 25, 2011 / flogginwater

Minor changes

In an effort to get more content “above the fold” I reduced my banner image height (which was already fairly short) by about 35% or so, and changed the image again. I like the new one – so I might keep this one for a while. The last image was OK, but I wasn’t pleased with the over all look. I’m not as handy with Photoshop as some of you guys when it comes to creating cool neato graphics.

If you peak up in the corner of your browser tab – you should also note something shiney and new – a custom Favicon to boot the bland Blogger “B”. Depending on your browser and cache settings, it may or may not have appeared now.

I’ve also finally figured out how to get Blogger to center the images I add to the main body column. Before, Blogger basically raised it’s middle finger to me, while simultaneously mooning me every time I tried to get an image to center, vs. aligning to the left. It took a little foot work with adding new style sheet classes and whatnot, and now I’ve got to add even more code around my image HTML – but I got it done. Why they can’t just make it more simple, I don’t understand.

I’ll have more fly pix up soon – along with tying instructions. I’ve also got more ideas for some additional site tweaking. Stay tuned, and stay classy San Diego.

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