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October 30, 2011 / flogginwater

Furled Loop Flies for Bass and Panfish

Okie Dokie, I spent the afternoon tying up a couple more dozen flies of the furled loop variety. Last night I spent tying them up in size 1, with a 3/16″ dazzle eye. Today I used #6 hooks and 1/8 inch dazzle eyes.

The #1’s come out to around 3-4 inches long, while the #6’s run typically 1.5 to 2 inches long – perfect panfish and finesse sizes for bass.

I played around with some stick type worms, without hackle or fur collars (which should resemble a senko worm fished on a jig head.) The pictures didn’t turn out well for those flies, so I’ll have to add them later.

A few of the patterns turned out really well:


Swimming Leech Fly

Harvest Leech

Watermelon Worm

Sentence Ender

Neon Warlock

Banana Worm

Crappie Flies

Lemon Soda

Steelhead Candy

Red & Brown Worm


  1. Lunkerhunt / Oct 30 2011 21:16

    How well do they sink?

  2. Mark / Oct 30 2011 21:34

    Once you get them thoroughly wet – they sink pretty quickly. That's the key though, with these flies. Rabbit fur and marabou float VERY well until they're completely wet. The first thing I do when I tie these on is to dunk it under water, then press the body and tail wet. Most of these flies that have a tail are using Glo Bug yarn, which also floats. Some of these flies I've added lead to the under body – in addition to the dazzle eyes.

    What I found when fishing these flies during my last outing – they have a subtle wiggle to the tail section, in addition to the undulation of the marabou or rabbit fur.

  3. Clif / Oct 31 2011 05:08

    I thought they looked pretty buoyant, but I wasn't sure how easy they are to “water log.”

    Some of my flies take a really long time to fill up with water. Sometimes it annoys me, sometimes not.

  4. Mark / Oct 31 2011 22:35

    Yeah, pretty easy, just need to press the water into them.

  5. Jay Zimmerman / Nov 14 2011 15:22

    Oooooooo! I likey likey!

  6. Mark / Nov 15 2011 00:22

    Thanks Jay – I'm going to have to buy a bigger bassin' box by the time Spring is actually here. I'm thinking of picking up one of those generic pistol cases and using that as a dedicated bass box. The modified versions seem to be all the rage, and double the price.

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