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October 30, 2011 / flogginwater

Least Expensive Fly Rod Purchase Ever

Yesterday I wanted to hit up the fly shop, and buy some more materials so I could tie up more furled dubbing loop worms. Since I was back at work yesterday, I was driving a 35′ long, 8′ wide flatbed. The parking lot of the strip mall the fly shop sits in sometimes has room for my truck, but lately, it hasn’t. So I was boned (there’s no other near-by parking, nor is there on-street parking close by).

Instead, I hit up another locally owned fishing outfitter (Fisherman’s Marine) and browsed their materials. They didn’t exactly have what I was looking for (the Tigard store doesn’t have the same level of attention to fly fishing as their Oregon City store.) They did have though, a good selection on jig hooks (since Fisherman’s is way more devoted to bait and gear fishing) – so I bought a couple 50 packs of Mustad jig hooks that were on sale.

Then I found myself in SE Portland, so I stopped at the Wholesale Sports store. They’ve actually got quite a well stocked mini fly shop, with a number of rods of varying price and quality, reels from Okuma to Tibor. A nice selection for a store that isn’t devoted to fly fishing, honestly.

I was able to find the dubbing I wanted, along with kevlar thread (I got green, since it was on sale for 66 cents a spool), a new bobbin threader (broke mine a couple weeks back), dazzle eyes, a couple other little odds and ends. Then I browsed their rods a bit closer, and saw they had some Eagle Claw Featherlight rods. My interest was piqued. I noticed they too, were on sale. $14.99. SOLD!

Now I’m back in business with glass fly rods. I got a 6’6″ 4/5 weight (the rod is marked 4/5 weight, the warranty paper on the handle said 3/4. I believe the rod over the paper.) That is the least I’ve ever personally spent on a fly rod. I’m pretty happy with the purchase.

When I got home, the first thing I did was test cast the rod with a the Cortland Fairplay #4 line to see how it casts with a #4 line. It did well enough that I didn’t try with the #5. I’m looking forward to Spring now, when my small streams open back up so I can give this rod a proper workout in the environ it was made for. The lake is still open for a little less than a month, so maybe the rod will make a trip out there with me, to see if I can’t coax a few panfish or bass into playing one last time.

On another note, I spent the evening tying yesterday, and banged out 2 dozen #1 furled loop worms. I’ll get some pictures later and post ’em up. Came up with some neat patterns. Anxious to give these a try (which is looking like a lake trip is more likely at this point.)


  1. Cofisher / Oct 30 2011 15:03

    Mark, hold onto your shorts, I think you're going to really love that Featherlight!

  2. McTage / Oct 30 2011 17:28

    Are you tying any small worms with the furled technique? I have been pondering tying something up and trying it on carp but was not sure if this works for shorter smaller diameter tails?

  3. Jay / Oct 30 2011 18:33

    The 6'6″ Featherlight (an earlier model) was my second fly rod ever… after my cheap Wal-mart South Bend special. The Featherlight is the best value in fly fishing gear if you ask me. Have fun with it.

  4. Mark / Oct 30 2011 19:41

    Hoawrd, I don't doubt it. I was really falling for the 7'6″ 5/6 that I had – that I gave to my nephew. He's loving it too.

    Mc Tage – this afternoon I cranked out two dozen #6's – the bodies range from 1.5 to 2 inches or so long. I just took a bunch of pix, and will be uploading them PDQ.

    and Jay, thanks 🙂 I think you're right, they are about the best value you can get at this point, especially when they're on sale 😉

  5. McTage / Oct 30 2011 21:07

    That sounds like a perfect size, I look forward to the pictures!

  6. Mark / Oct 30 2011 22:09

    Yeah, I'm going to tie up a bunch more in more drab colors – with the thought that maybe, just maybe, they might attract some carp next spring.

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