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October 31, 2011 / flogginwater

Disturbing Search Terms

I’ve been running Google Analytics for a bit over a week now – and checking for popular search terms that have lead to my site, I’m a bit taken aback (especially given the nature of this site, and the lack of tags related to these searches!)

The disturbing search terms

They are, in order of rank:

“Naked fat women”

“Angry Cookie Monster”

“Tosh.0 Old Stripper”

“Someone Hanging From a Tree”

“Nasty Beaver”

“Pictures of Naked Fat Women”

“Lizard Man’s Wife”

“Fat and Naked”

“Angry Husband”

And about 6 various terms referring to the male bits and various sizes of them.

Not sure how the hell my blog gets linked to such terms. I don’t recall discussing men’s body parts size, nor have I mentioned any sort of fetish for large unclothed women.

Not even “Tenkara” ranked above some of the above for search terms (though it is the #1 ranked fishing related search term of all time on my blog, according to both Blogger’s stat tracker, and Google Analytics)

Hopefully the perv searches are a glitch, or an oddity, and most of my traffic won’t be coming because of someone looking to have some sort of romantic encounter with an obese naked woman, or a roid raging cookie monster…



  1. Ken G / Oct 31 2011 04:41

    I think it's the term Floggin.

    It's a stretch, but I have a feelin.

  2. Clif / Oct 31 2011 04:55

    I'm with Ken.

  3. Jay / Oct 31 2011 07:05

    I'm with Clif and Ken.

  4. e.m.b. / Oct 31 2011 07:42

    I'm with Jay and Clif and Ken.

    If it makes you feel any better, yesterday someone Googled “pee playground” and got to my blog…oy.

  5. Mark / Oct 31 2011 22:36

    pee playground is a new one. People really look for some f'd up stuff on the intarwebz.

  6. Mel / Nov 1 2011 20:23

    Mark, as you know, I changed my blog name from the Ass Backwards Angler to the Rainbow Chaser. For two reasons, because I really wanted too, but, also because of the horrendous amount of folks who landed on my blog because of some pretty perverse searches relating to the word “Ass”. I guess, nuff' said here. I think we are all in agreement here.

  7. John Montana / Nov 2 2011 18:09

    I don't even want to check with mine.

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