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November 2, 2011 / flogginwater

Good Impressions

With a slow working day today – I got to spend more time behind the vise, and in the back yard farting around with my new Featherlight. I was also even able to actually stop at the fly shop after the one & only tow of the day. Don, the owner, was back in action. He had his appendix burst a couple weeks back – hairy situation for sure since he’s also diabetic. He’s taking it easy for a while, but it was nice to see him back behind the counter at the shop.

I picked up a couple more dubbing packages and some heavy dazzle eyes, and more rabbit strips. I’m a dubbing loop fly tying maniac – that’s about all I’ve tied up (except for half a dozen crappie jig-flies) in the last week or so. Lots of different worm patterns.

When I wasn’t slaving over the vise, I was in the back yard trying different lines out with the new Featherlight. As I mentioned before, the Cortland Fairplay #4 cast pretty darn well with this rod – so far, I think this Featherlight has actually been the best casting rod with this line.

Today I tried out the Cabela’s Prestige WF6 with it, along with a Scientific Angler’s WF6. I’m starting to become convinced that the Cabela’s line I purchased was mislabeled – and they sent me a 5 wt in a 6 wt box. That Prestige line just has not cast the way I’d expect a #6 to handle with any rod I’ve tried it on. The Cabela’s LSi 6 weight, my Echo SR (for which a WF6 is recommended), the Cabela’s Wind River #4, or the Featherlight rod. Now, that’s not to say that the Cabela’s line doesn’t work well – it does. I just think it’s a #5 line. It doesn’t load the LSi very well at all – while the Scientific Anglers and the Airflo Ridge lines I’ve got load the LSi just fine.

The Wind River rod I’ve got, I’ve tried with lines from 3-6 for different fishing situations – and I know how that rod handles with each line weight. The Prestige WF “6” casts a lot like the SA #5 I fished a lot with last summer.

Anyway – getting back on track – the Featherlight got a bit of a workout – as best as I could give it without a fishin’ hole to try her on yet. I was able to work out 50′ casts with the Cabela’s line, and I can hit 60′ with the Scientific Angler’s lines. Not bad at all for a $14, 6 and a half foot long rod.

I was also surprised at how well the Featherlight balances with both the Cabela’s Prestige Plus II and Cortland CDM 5/6 reels. Those are hefty reels for their sizes, but the Featherlight did not seem butt-heavy at all with them.

I’m taking my nephew fishing on Thursday for his birthday (he’s turning 19) – we’re going to make a trip out to the lake. Probably the last trip out there for the year, since I’ve got an itch to get back onto a river and swing for some steelhead soon.

I’m hoping that the bass will be concentrated around the boat ramps at the lake, at least in the afternoons when the sun is at it’s warmest. I’m going to take the Featherlight, and a bunch of my furled worms and hopefully I’ll have a success story to tell. I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to wuss out and take another fly rod (like the LSi, or maybe the big Echo) or a spin rod with me – or if I’m going to whole-hog it and just use the little featherlight. If I use the #6 SA line, I can cast almost as far with it as I could my LSi.

Or I could just go completely crazy, and we could try for a late season cold water carp expedition. I’m not sure I’m that insane though.

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