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November 10, 2011 / flogginwater

Sick to my Stomach

I’ve been a bit inactive lately with the Blog – it’s been hard to get motivated to write. But now I’ve got to – to vent a bit.

It was recently announced that Penn State was firing Joe Paterno as it’s football coach. This has lead to outcry over his firing. Joe Paterno is NOT the victim in the whole Sandusky/Penn State sex-abuse fiasco. The young men who were sexually abused for the last 30 years or so are the victims. As it was pointed out in proceedings of the grand jury that handed down Sandusky’s indictment, Joe Paterno *knew* that Sandusky was abusing children. His only actions after he learned about it? Tell his boss.

At no time, did it seem to cross his mind, to oh, I don’t know, pick up the phone and call the Pennsylvania State Police (and not talking about the inept Penn State University Police) or the local municipal PD and report Sandusky.

Mr. Paterno should be ashamed for his part in NOT stopping the monster that is Jerry Sandusky, and not putting that sorry son of a bitch behind bars sooner.

The rest of the Penn State admin should likewise pay – anyone who knew what was going on, and didn’t do anything to STOP it and report it to the authorities needs to 1.) loose their jobs and 2.) be charged or sued – depending on their complicity and/or lack of action to stop Sandusky.

It seems pretty obvious that the leadership in the Athletic Department at Penn State was OK with Sandusky’s behavior. Perhaps the police need to do some digging into all of their activities – because a reasonable person would’ve taken action to stop the sexual abuse being committed. Only someone broken inside would stand by and do nothing while knowing what was going on. It makes me wonder if there might not be more than one pedophile in that mix.

It’s also pretty obvious that the university police (who’d “investigated” Sandusky in the 90’s because of sex abuse allegations) should NOT have anything to do that is more taxing than “investigating” an illegally parked car, or some dorm-room partiers being too loud. They swept things under the rug to avoid scandal, and in doing so exposed other children to Sandusky’s perversion. Seems that right there should be enough for a jury to start handing out 7 or 8 figure judgements against the university. Seriously – university pd’s are generally a joke – and Penn State’s obviously is. That should’ve been an investigation for the real State Police.

Anyone who feels bad for Joe Paterno, or anyone else who’s lost their job over this matter needs to pull their heads out of their asses and remember WHY they got fired (and maybe also facing charges) – they did NOTHING while knowing that one of their own was molesting children.

Hopefully the real victims get justice.


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  1. Cofisher / Nov 10 2011 19:25

    Hey Mark, I will wait for all the indictments to be handed down, but generally agree with you. To think that many people knew this was going on and did nothing is sickening. Somewhere America has lost it's conscience, it's sense of responsibility and morals. I'm very sad.

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