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November 14, 2011 / flogginwater

Furls and Flies

In addition to adding the new rod to the stable, I’ve been a busy little boy adding to the fly boxes and filling vest pockets. I’ve been working on tying up a mess of nymphs – a break from tying up all those bass flies from previous posts.

I’ve furled or twisted leaders before using monofilament – usually 2 or 4lb line. Normally I just use the furled leader as a butt section – since mono makes for thick leaders unless you’re using very fine line (which has a tendency to snap during the furling process.)

I finally decided to take the leap and start making longer leaders from thread. So far, in two evenings work I’ve built 4 complete leaders (having had to scrap two others due to one snapping during furling, and hte other I ran out of thread on the last leg of the second section – I was about 8′ of thread too short and wound up having to scrap the whole mess.) Two of those were made from standard 6/0 UNI thread, and two of them I’ve made up from unwaxed Kevlar thread. Surprisingly – the unwaxed Kevlar made for a more supple leader than the UNI thread. That surprised me a bit.

I did, however, wind up with 4 very nice, supple leaders that perfectly taper, without knots, all coming out about 7 and a half feet long. Just add tippet and you’re fishing.

Should make for excellent dry fly leaders, and won’t be too shabby when it come to turning over a pair of wet flies either. The whole downside to this activity – it pokes at me more and more that it’s over a 100 mile drive to the closest OPEN trout streams in this state, and April is 5 months away. 6 months is just too damn short of a season.

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