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November 16, 2011 / flogginwater

Video Tip of the Week

If I can’t be fishing, I like reading, writing, or watching videos (or tv shows) of other people fishing. Occasionally I stumble across some really wonderful gems that are either just great video of people catching fish, or people with honest to god GOOD information, that is really useful, and presented in an easy to understand, easy to follow way.

Tonight I found such a video. For those fly anglers out there who prefer the loop to loop method of attaching lines and leaders – this is good. Welded loops will eventually wear out and break – and you’re stuck either cutting the loop off and going with some sort of knot (nail knot, needle knot, albright knot, or my preference, the Castwell knot); attaching one of the braided monofilament loops (which I will NEVER use again, after having a few of them pull off of the fly lines this year without even stressing them), or making a loop by using fly tying thread and head cement (which isn’t a horrible way to do it). Unless you’ve got a heat gun, some scissors, and you can obtain some heat shrink tubing. It also helps if you either A.) don’t mind burning your fingers B.) have killed off the nerve endings in your fingers, or C.) You’re smart enough to use gloves when using a heat gun that heats up to 500 (or 1200) degrees.

Watch the video and you’ll gain the know-how to make your own welded loops, and possibly give yourself third degree burns on your fingers. While the fellow in this video doesn’t actually SHOW third degree burns – he’s either done it and healed up, or he will. The metal tips on these heat guns get REALLY hot, really quick. Doesn’t take much of a bump of the finger to get burned.

But they are fun to play with. For a few years now, I’ve been making my own thermoplastic molded holsters and knife sheathes, and heat guns have been my friends, but they’ve also given me some wicked burns when I forgot that heat + metal + flesh = over-grilled hot dog smells and intense pain. Leather work gloves are your friend when dealing with heat. Nomex gloves (like the Ove Glove) are also good, but making welded fly line loops looks like it requires more dexterity than a gorilla size mitten allows, so the Ove Glove probably won’t be the best choice for the job.

Now I’ve got more fun ahead of me, while I actually put the video’s knowledge injection to use soon. I just need to get me some heat shrink tubing. I’ve got plenty of cheap fly lines to play around with.

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