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November 21, 2011 / flogginwater

Cabela’s Score

It’s been a damn busy work week for me. In the last two days alone, I’ve put in 800 miles of driving, give or take a kilometer. Today was a loooong, early day. Up at 0630, on the road by 0645, heading to the coast to pick up a woodie van going to Seattle. Aside from it being a pretty damn good money day (working on commission sucks – until you get busier than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest) – I got to stop off at Man’s Favorite Toy Store – aka Cabela’s. I just went in to check out he Bargain cave, drool over boats (which I didn’t even do this time), and check out the fly gear. In the bargain cave, I found a spool for my Cabela’s Prestige Plus 5/6 reel for $10. Over in the fly shop section, I grabbed a spool of 1X Scientific Anglers tippet material on sale for 77 cents (the last one of the sale priced items), along with a 200 yard spool of 20lb backing (which I’ve been needing, but haven’t bought).

I chatted with the fly shop manager for a while, before heading home. Well, of course not before wiggling rods, chatting with a couple other customers, and looking at all of the Skagit & Scandi heads they had in stock (didn’t have the one I need).

The spare spool did, however, allow me to rig up an experiment I’ve wanted to try out for my switch rod (an experiment which can also be used on my single hand 6 weight) – I created a floating compact shooting head by cutting 24′ feet off of the front of a Scientific Anglers WF floating line, whip-finishing a loop on the back and front, and attaching it to 15lb mono shooting line. Theoretically, this should allow me to cast further with less effort. I say this in theory, because the best I could do to test it was to cast it one-hand style in the drive way in front of the house, in the dark. I need water to really test it out properly.

I used a 6 weight line (which, being SA, is more of a 6.5) – so if it turns out this one feels a bit light – I’m going to get a 7 or 8 weight line to chop down. I wanted to try mono for my running/shooting line first, because well, it’s cheaper and slicker. The downsides to mono are it sinks, and mending won’t be as easy. I can live with that, I think. $45 for a 70′ long piece of level line just seems…overpriced.

Is it April yet?

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