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December 8, 2011 / flogginwater

Short Hiatus

It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve written any sort of posting ’round these parts. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to – it’s just, that I haven’t wanted to. Writers block can be blamed for part of it, along with a work schedule that’s been busier than hell for the last month (which is making for a great pre-christmas payday.)

I’ve been fishing a couple times, but truth be told, it’s been hard to even get myself into a fishing mode. I went out a week ago today to chase some steelhead, but it was one of THE coldest winter-fishing days I’ve ever encountered. There was no snow, but at 1:30 PM when I called it quits, there was still ice covering every rock and pool of standing water that wasn’t in direct sunlight.

It was so cold that it actually hurt my hand to cast, and I had to take more breaks to go sit in the car with the heater on than I have in the past three winters of fishing. I had to dip my rod in the water constantly to get rid of the ice in the guides. It wasn’t any fun at all, honestly.

I’ll try to get back at it soon – probably a week from today. I’ll probably only take one rod with me next time – so I’ll have to decide spinning or fly – it was just too much of a pain in the ass to carry both rods since I would have to lay one rod down and back track for it every time I wanted to move down the bank.

I don’t know how often I’ll be updating the blog – I’m just very tired lately, feeling worn down, and my off-time has been spent playing with my little guy, visiting with my wife, running errands, and trying to relax. That’s a lot to jam into 2 days a week.

I’m not dead (yet), haven’t quit the blogging scene – just taking a much needed break.

Oh yeah, and Owl, don’t give up on OJDC – I still read it when I get a chance, and heartily believe that you’ve got a good thing going. Don’t let some internet asshattery stop your quest for Blogdom Domination (not to be confused with Animation Domination, Sunday nights on Fox)

Tight lines



  1. Mel / Dec 9 2011 07:10

    Completely understand, I have been going through some form of writer's block the past few weeks also. Sounds like a frigid day of fishing. Enjoy your family and have a great Christmas and holiday season.

  2. Cofisher / Dec 9 2011 09:06

    Mark, say it ain't so! Nah, I completely understand where you're at. I'm stubborn enough to continue to beat the hell out of writer's blog. If I can't think of anything to say, I'll post a picture or a video. Enjoy this holiday time off with your family and remember “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

  3. e.m.b. / Dec 9 2011 10:23

    Rest up. Enjoy life. And looking forward to having you back up and writing, feeling revived.

  4. brad melville / Dec 10 2011 01:07

    aaah… perfect weather, as ashamed as i am to say this as a fly fisherman and gear head… but these tempatures demand bait for the steel.. or just stay home and tie flies-

  5. Mark / Dec 10 2011 14:03

    Brad – I share your preference for gear/flies vs. bait. Except for a few occasions slinging eggs for chinook, I've pretty much stuck with lures or flies for the last few years when targeting the big fish. Bait is just too much of a pain. One errant cast and you just lost fifty cents worth of eggs (if using the good stuff).

    I've got some EZ eggs tucked away in the steelhead bag, but only ODFW would consider a rubber egg “bait”.

    Jigs, flies, corkies & yarn, spinners, spoons, and plugs seem to leave me just as empty-handed fish-wise as eggs do.

    I suppose I could always just use night crawlers 🙂

  6. brandon4455 / Dec 11 2011 18:27

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. brandon4455 / Dec 11 2011 18:40

    previous post deleted due to spelling errors..Yeah this cold weather is shutting all of the fish down.. such a lack of fishing lately ive had to post old reports from july on my blog..i would just wait until the next rain brings a batch of chrome in. Like mel said, rest up and spend some family time..maybe restock your boxes.. those worms can by dynamite after a rain event when a bunch of them get washed into the river.. san juan worms to say the least.

    Happy holidays


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