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December 18, 2011 / flogginwater

An Early Christmas Present

A year ago, my wife told me that her dad had found an AR-15 rifle while going through her late brother’s belongings. Her dad isn’t a big military-type gun fan (he’s more into revolvers, bolt actions, and hunting shotguns) so she said he was thinking of giving the rifle to me. He’s held onto it for a year, but decided to pull the trigger, as it were, and last Friday he gave me the rifle as an early Christmas present.

It means a lot, getting the rifle, for a few reasons. Of course part of it is that it’s because of what it means for both my father in law, and my wife to keep Kevin’s guns in the family – but part of it, is that when my wife and I were getting married and moving into our own place – we were scrambling to get some cash together, and I sold my AR to cover the gap.

The rifle I received on Friday was almost identical to the one I’d had to sell 5 years ago – it’s an M-4 type rifle with the flat top upper, removable carry handle (A2 sight style) and round handguards. The two biggest differences are the stock – the typical 6 position adjustable buttstock was replaced with a short, fixed “Sully Stock” (which I don’t mind at all, since I normally used the rifle with the stock in the closed position) and the standard A2 type pistol grip was replaced with a rubber Hogue grip with finger grooves – which I would’ve done myself.

The only changes I need to make to the rifle to make it more my style are getting a rear BUIS (back up iron sight) and a red dot sight of some sort – I’m leaning toward an E O Tech, but I’m also considering a C-More and an Aimpoint (though the Aimpoint would cost almost as much as another rifle, so maybe not the Aimpoint.)

It’s a pretty damn cool Christmas present. I was also told that Kevin had loaned a friend of his a couple other guns, including another AR. This one was supposed to be a gun geared toward hunting (factory camo paint job, which leads me to believe it was a Remington) that I’m also to get – but he’s got to get hold of the friend first and get the guns back. If the politicians don’t decide to screw lawful firearms owners over in the future, I’d like to pass these down to my little man when he gets older.



  1. Aimpoint Sights / Jan 24 2012 01:34

    Nice Christmas Present. Very much interesting. I read the whole story what you have shared in this post.It's right that Aimpoint products are cost almost but you may go for another who provides free shipping and no tax.

  2. Howard Levett / Jan 25 2012 22:15

    You didn't shoot your eye out did you?

  3. Mark / Jan 25 2012 22:33

    Howard – nope! I've taken her out on two outings so far – no malfs, runs like a champ. I also ditched that FNP-40 I got and went back to the Glock. They're ugly, but damn do they work, and I've gotten Glock brand brain damage. I can't shoot any double action only handguns (at least with long, heavy triggers) for shit anymore. I'm alright with traditional double action, because of the short light single action follow up shots. I'm fine with single action guns. My targets from the FNP looked like really bad shotgun patterns, rather than pistol groups.

    I did pull off a neat trick with the AR – I hit a knife blade on edge at about 40' and turned said knife (a really crappy old boot knife that was dull as a butter knife) into shrapnel. The irons came dialed in 🙂

    I've ordered a couple parts to pimp it up a bit – a Magpul MOE fore end and one of their angled foregrips – that should provide me a more comfortable grip up front. Ordered an enlarged trigger guard so I can shoot with gloves on (it was 28 degrees the last trip out) easier. Thinking of swapping the fixed stock for an adjustable model. Some day I'm going to add a dedicated .22lr upper also, so it's a bit cheaper to shoot. So far the cheapest fodder I've found was $5.50 a box for Wolff (cheap steel cased russian stuff). That's $5.50 a pop for a 20 round mag, or $8.25 for every 30 rounder I burn through.

    I think I need to get a reloading press soon. I cringe to think of the price when shooting decent target ammo from Remington or Winchester. That stuff has been running closer to $7 or 8 a box.

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