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January 27, 2012 / flogginwater

First post of 2012…

And it’s not even fishing related – much anyway.

I’m killing my Facebook account – and by proxy – the Floggin’ Water Facebook account, tomorrow (Friday) evening. I’m just over Facebook at this point, and don’t feel like spending the hours it might take to sanitize things when they force Timeline upon the general usership.

I haven’t fished since December – I just can’t get motivated to go out again and chace the winter steelies right now. Maybe in February I’ll rekindle the fire. For now – I’m awaiting March when my local lake opens back up. Early season panfishing is on the agenda for 2012. Got to break in that nice little Wright & McGill 2 weight I bought a while back!

In more non-fishy news – I’m in the process of “enhancing” (lightly pimping out) that Bushmaster I got for Christmas. Today the mail man brought me a few nice little items – a Magpul MOE carbine fore end, which I have to say is super kick ass by itself – it’s like they magically melded the best featuers of the old school A1 triangular handguards with the A2 style roundies and found a texture that won’t slip as easy when wet. Then they went and added slots so you could bolt short picatinny rails to it for mounting lights, lasers, or foregrips onto, without being as ugly or uncomfortable as a quad-rail setup. The MOE grips remind me a lot of FAL grips for some reason – which isn’t a bad thing at all.

He also dropped off a Magpul trigger guard – which features an subtle V vs the flat traditional trigger guard – opening the trigger area up a bit, to facilitate better shooting with gloves on (which I can appreciate. The last time I went shooting it was 28 degrees outside!) It also looks better, in my opinion.

The third package wasn’t for the rifle, but for my Glock 19. I ditched the FNP-40 DAO to return to the Glock system. I’ve got Glock brain damage, I can’t shoot those heavy DAO’s very well under any conditions other than slow aimed fire anymore. I’m back with Glocks to stay. I wanted a G17 – but the store was out when I had cash in hand ready to buy. The only 9mm models they had in stock were the G34 and the G19. I like the 34, but I am not paying $600 for a Glock with plastic sights and only 2 mags. I paid $500 for one instead. Finally got around to ordering a tritium front sight for it (AmeriGlo’s 1/8 inch wide model, because I prefer a thinner front sight, and this is the thinnest tritium sight I have found out there). I am still trying to find the right rear sight to match it up with – I want a serrated, all black sight. Leaning toward Heine at the moment.

I’m awaiting shipment of a 6 position butt stock for the AR now, along with a Magpul Angled Foregrip. Eventually I am going to get some optics to put on it – but for now I’m happy with iron sights. I need to make a sling (going for single point) for it still.

I also want to pick up a nice .22lr bolt action rifle this spring, something to go squirrel hunting with (since the AR is more than overkill – there’s no way I’d get any usable pieces of squirrel left from that rifle) my nephew this year. He really wants to try his hand at it – he’s got a thing for trying new & unusual foods. Plus it’s free fly tying materials. Can’t argue with that part!

Also waiting on parts of the Big White Beast (aka my Jeep Grand Cherokee) – the passenger door interior panel finally decided to crack off at the end of the last shooting trip. It’d been getting close to cracking for a while, but mid 20’s air temps helped kill it. I had my nephews with me, and when we were loading up int he car, one of them went to close his door and *CRACK* – the whole damn panel cracked off. New one is inbound from back east now. That will give me the excuse to fix the power lock switch on that door, I guess.

On another random note – I am 27 days Hamburger Free. My weight loss goals for last year weren’t met – since I have a hard time not slipping when I try to eat better – so I’m baby-stepping my dietary changes. My first goal was/is going a month without eating a delicious, greasy, wonderful, hamburger. Ate my last one on December 31. Have been eating a lot of salads, grilled/baked chicken, turkey sandwiches, fish, and lean meats. Crackers and Pita chips have replaced Doritos and Fritos for me (Pita chips are surprisingly good!).

Haven’t stepped on a scale at all yet this year. If I can go a full month with no burgers – I’m sure I can go longer, but I can cut back/cut out on another of my food downfalls (probably pizza, since I do love me some pizza, and can’t have just one slice, unless that slice is big enough to be a Man Vs. Food Challenge).

2012 is so far off to an interesting start.



  1. Howard Levett / Jan 27 2012 12:47

    Good to have part of you back! (the part not lost to weight loss) You lost me after the FB stuff because I couldn't get Google translate to work. When you mentioned a Magpul MOE carbine fore end, I thought maybe it was a body part for a transplant. Anyway, welcome back!

  2. Mark / Jan 27 2012 13:17

    That's OK Howard. I'll get some pix up soon, then Google won't hafta try and translate gungeek…

  3. owl / Jan 28 2012 01:22

    I'm rowin' that same boat. I lost 10 pounds. I've kept it off, but I can't seem to lose any more. But then, my bike's been parked in the garage and we can't afford to buy one of those trainer wheel things…so maybe when the weather gets better I can get on it some more. But a month without a burger? You're a better man than me. 🙂 ( In probably more ways than just that…)

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