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February 7, 2012 / flogginwater

Crazy Week

It’s been a pretty crazy, hectic week for me. A week ago today, my wife went to the ER with chest and abdominal pain. She wasn’t sure what was going on, only that it was bad. She was told her gall bladder was inflamed, and she had a panic attack. They gave her a scrip for the panic and told her to go home -with the caveat that if the symptoms continued or got worse – get back in to the ER.

Wednesday last week, our little one had his 9 month check up – when it came time to leave, wifey wasn’t feeling good at all. She elected to say home. When James and I got back – her parents were at the house, getting ready to take her to the ER. Her gall bladder was inflamed, and tests indicated gall stones – bad ones. She wound up being admitted – with plans being made to remove the gall bladder. X-rays and MRI’s were done to check the size and location of the stones.

Thursday afternoon, she was taken in for a pre-op procedure to remove some of the stones. Basically the doctor was playing a high tech version of Asteroids inside my wife’s small intestines and bile ducts – using a side viewing camera and a laser to blast the big stones into little stones.

First thing Friday morning she went into surgery to remove the gall bladder itself, along with the remaining stones. Both procedures went fine – and she was home Saturday afternoon to recuperate. I’ve been on family leave since Tuesday, and since my wife was told she can’t be up and about, nor lift more than 10lbs for at least 10 days – I’ll be off at least until next week. I’ve been Mr. Mom – Mr. Domestic all week, tending to the baby, and since she’s been home, Mommy too. Sure have a new appreciation for what she does on a daily basis as stay at home Mommy.

Friday I did the big monthly grocery shopping trip, plus a trip to Costco (just got a membership, should’ve gotten my own membership years ago). Top it all off – I had to put brakes on the Jeep, new tires, and tomorrow I’ve got to take the thing in for new ball joints and a front end alignment.

Mommy should be all healed up in time for me to hit the lake next month for the opener. My buddy Jason has a grand scheme of a search & destroy (well, maybe not destroy) plan for crappie. Early season crappie. Should be interesting!

Got to do something nice to Valentines Day this year for sure.



  1. Mel / Feb 7 2012 21:07

    Yup, sure sounds like you have your hands full. Appears that you are doing a great job managing. All this “care' you are providing plus a well thought out Valentines Day gift should work in your favor during prime fishing season!

  2. Howard Levett / Feb 7 2012 22:31

    Papa Mel has it right. You've managed quite well. Do something nice for Valentines Day and enjoy the fruits of the good life.

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