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February 12, 2012 / flogginwater

Waiting on Big Brown Santa Again

It’s always nice to get some money back from the government. The tax man isn’t as nasty when he’s giving you some green back, instead of asking (demanding) you open your wallet wider. And so it was this year – thanks mostly to our little bundle of joy (and favorite tax deduction).

What did we do with that money? About half of it is sitting in savings now (which is nice seeing my savings account with more than $25 in it). The rest has other places to go – a new mattress (my wife and I both suffer from chronic back pain thanks to our worn out mattress) is coming home soon. Wife replaced some of her worn out or ill fitting clothing. I got the new work boots I’ve been badly needing (and I finally broke down and bought a decent pair of boots, instead of $40 wal mart cheapies. My new boots are Georgia Boot 8″ high loggers.) Some of the money has gone (and is going) for stuff for the lil’ man. And some of that money is going for fun stuff for mom & dad – like replacing the camera that was stolen last fall.

My wife was finally feeling a little better and wanted to get out of the house – her doctors told her she needed to move around to help the recovery process – so we did some shopping together. We took a trip down to the Springfield Cabela’s store. 220 round trip miles, and all *I* bought was a Pfleuger Medalist that was in the bargain cave. Reel works fine – but it was a demo model, and had no box with it. $13 for a brand new Medalist? Woot!

I did make an order from their online shop also though – because of some on-line only sales. I need some new non-work pants, and none of the local shops are reliable to have my size in styles I like (cargos, hiking pants). That’s the problem with being fat and tall, I guess. I can find pants with a 44 or 46 inch waist – if I was 6 inches shorter. Try finding them with 34 or 36 inch inseams though! Ha! Cabela’s saved the day on that one, so I’ve got two new pair of pants on the way. Coming with it – I’m expecting a Stowaway 8’6″ 3 weight, and a Sage Freshwater fly line to go with it.

The other cool “toy” that came home with me last week was a police trade in Sig Sauer P225 9mm pistol. A local gun shop came into a bunch of them – supposedly old service pistols from the Vancouver, Washington police department. They were said to be issued to the female officers and men of smaller stature who couldn’t grasp or shoot the larger P226 pistols well (the 225 is a compact size, single stack gun with a thinner, shorter grip than the beefy P226 full size, double-column magazine fed gun.) $400 for the gun and a pair of magazines – the gun was clean as a whistle inside, and only shows normal holster wear on the finish outside. I’ve got a soft spot for classic Sig pistols, so I couldn’t pass up the good deal on it. I can’t wait to get out and give it a good wringing out (same with that Stowaway rod!)

I’m amassing a small collection of gear that needs to get properly tried and broken in – that neat little Wright & McGill 2 weight, the Stowaway that’s coming, some new lures I”ve picked up over the last few months, new flies I’ve tied up…

Stream fishing doesn’t open up here until the end of May, so for proper stream fishing, I’m going to have to make the 100+ mile drive down the valley or across the mountains to break these new rods in on moving water. My local lake opens up for fishing in another month – which is probably where I’ll be taking them to pop their cherries. Early season panfish can be hard to find – but when you find them, the action can be good.

I hate the “off season” – it causes too much cabin fever.

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