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February 13, 2012 / flogginwater

Getting Dressered

Ever since my little boy was born, space has been at a high premium around the house. My wife and I moved in with my old man a few weeks after my mom passed away just after Christmas in ’08. We gave up our own 3 bedroom house, sold or gave away most of our furniture, and moved in to help out here and make sure the old man was taken care of.

It has been one of the more conflicted decisions I’ve made – and thankfully my wife backed me up at the time – but we didn’t realize just how little space we’d get for our things around here. We basically live in one and a half rooms of the house – though we do spend time in more of it. Just about all of our personal effects, aside from my fly tying and fishing things – reside in our bedroom. It’s quite cramped in there with our bed (a king), two dressers, the TV stand, and my mother’s old armoire that my dad made her. Adding a baby to the mix has made space ever tighter – his play pen is in the living room, with most of his toys – however we keep his clothing in with us – and for months it’s been in a pair of Rubbermaid totes.

It’s a huge pain in the ass, honestly, to dig through the rubber totes looking for clothes that fit him and go together (as little as I pay attention to fashion and what matches…I don’t purposely want to dress my kid like a half retarded clown, so I try not to dress him in a neon orange shirt with a monkey on it, and say, his blue pin striped pants. He might understand, even at his young age, how dorky he looks, and will dress me the same way when I’m 95.)

So my wife and I set out on a mission today – head to the Goodwill and find a small dresser – one that can be stacked on our existing chest of drawers easily, so we can rid our bedroom floor of those damned totes.

And a dresser we did find. For $8, I found a neat little 3 drawer unit that stands about 24 inches tall, and about 18 inches on a side. It seemed sturdy enough – but it needed a new paint job.




We weren’t thrilled with the stained up paint job and the lack of drawer pulls, so a stop at the hardware store for some sand paper, spray paint, and drawer pulls was in order.

I picked up 3 blackened brass pulls for $2.50 each, and my wife and I decided on a two tone paint scheme – dark green and brown.

After dinner I set out in the shop to sand down the old paint, and get started on the new paint job.

After a couple hours of work and initial painting – I’m mid-way through the re-do. Another day and a half for the paint to cure, and to attach the drawer pulls, and the dresser will be good as gold to use.





I’m going to do some touch up – mask off the green area on the dresser and hit the corners with brown paint tomorrow after the initial coats dry.



  1. Jay / Feb 13 2012 23:40

    I dig it. The two tone paint job looks good. I've done a lot of this sort of thing myself. I'm currently repairing a dresser that had some issues with drawer slides.

  2. Mark / Feb 14 2012 01:06

    My old man did a lot of wood working when I was a kid – so I picked up a lot from him. I love working with wood, but sadly I don't do enough of it right now. Lumber prices are one reason – space is another (where would I put most of what I want to build?)

    I've got to get around to repairing the chest of drawers my dad made me when I was 10 – the wood glue that held in the drawer spacers finally gave up the ghost – so those need to be fixed, and when warmer weather hits and the wood on the drawers shrinks back down, I've got some sanding and sealing to do on the inside. Two winters in a row now, the two big drawers on the bottom have swelled up and I've been unable to open them. I did some sanding last year, but I guess I didn't do enough. Hopefully I don't have to build new drawers.

  3. Owl / Feb 14 2012 09:53

    Perfectly serviceable. Nice paint job, too. Both of our (non-matching) night stands in the bedroom were found at yard-sales. I think we paid $10 ea for them (4 – 5years ago) and I painted them to match the rest of the bedroom stuff (ocean theme). Come to think of it, our huge dresser was a thrift-store buy too. Nothing wrong with putting old furniture to good use, esp. when it's in good working order. A little paint can do wonders!

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