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February 26, 2012 / flogginwater

Ch ch ch changes

This last week has been another week of change (you know, that crap that Prez Obie was promising during his campaign?) for me. Thankfully it wasn’t more organs being chopped out of family member’s bodies – but rather, a professional change for me. I am officially no longer a Tow Truck Operator (Hurah!). If I ever get into the cab of another tow truck, it’ll be as a passenger, or kidnap victim, or there better be a good goddamned prize involved.

No, after a falling out with my (former) boss, I was given a lay off notice Tuesday morning. I figured it was coming on Monday – since he didn’t bother calling me on Monday like he said he would. That’s OK though – I took a lot of time during the weeks off I had taking care of my lil’ guy and the wife to peruse the on-line want ads, and turn in a shitload of applications. My lay off notice came in on Tuesday morning, and by 1PM on Tuesday I had two job interviews lined up for Wednesday afternoon. By 6:30 Wednesday night, I was offered another job – starting Monday morning.

No more pagers. No more random calls. No more stinky diesel fumes. No more playing Frogger in freeway traffic. Nope – I’ll have an honest to god Monday to Friday 9-5 gig in a brightly lit office – it’s a sales job. The pay should be pretty damn good too – it’s hourly + commission + bonuses + benefits after 90 days – which is far, far better than I could hope to do as a tow monkey. I’m pretty pumped. Up beat, friendly, energetic people to work with (and for) – and regular hours. My wife is already in heaven with that prospect (and so am I.)

Weekday fishing is going to be limited to after hours now – and I’ll have to join the madding crowds on weekends – but that just means I’ll have to pay more attention to my less-traveled fisheries, or find out of the way places on my normal haunts – which is just fine with me.

In other news – I’m signed up for Owl Jone’s fly swap, and shall be entering his fly tying contest to win the Cabela’s Wind River 5 weight. It’s not that I *need* another fly rod – but I am always happy at the chance to get one for essentially free 🙂 1 fly, even the fanciest, most expensive ones I tie, is a far smaller investment than the Cabela’s bargain rod.

The 5 weight would make a good addition to the growing collection of Cabela’s rods in my stable – which right now consists of:

a Wind River 8’6″ 4 weight
an LSi 9′ 6 weight
and a Stowaway 8’6″ 3 weight

So you see, I do sorta need a 5 weight to bridge the gap between the 4 and 6 weights. And of course that means I’ll eventually need to find an 0 weight, a 1 weight, and at least a 7 weight to bridge all the other gaps of rod weights in my collection.

Right now I’m envisioning that 5 weight as being rigged up with a large arbor Wind River reel (keeping it in the family, right?) and a Cortland Clear Camo type III intermediate sinking line for fishing deeper in lakes and ponds. Sounds logical enough to me. I’ve got the 6 weight for nymphing and chucking larger streamers, and the 3 & 4 weights for the dry fly and wet fly fishing that I love so much… Ah, I wish spring was here already!



  1. Howard Levett / Feb 26 2012 15:33

    Congratulations!!! In these difficult times, it's good to hear that someone snagged a good job so soon after the other one ended.

  2. Rainbow Chaser / Feb 26 2012 21:33

    Best of luck to you on your new adventure in job life. I am thinking you deserved the break away from the tow truck. Happy hook ups when you get a chance to get out!

  3. FISH TALES / Feb 27 2012 00:12

    often what seems like the end… is simply a more exiting begining, congrats, and as for hidden secret weekend spots… I could drop a few in an e-mail.. that is if my secret spots interest you, after all who cares about the Nehalem watershed… right?

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