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March 2, 2012 / flogginwater

Job gained – job gone – and a job well done

So the job I started on Monday, ended on Wednesday. I wasn’t comfortable with the business, it’s practices, or it’s shady high pressure sales tactics. So I once again join the ranks of the jobless. No huge loss at this point.

In more important (to me) news at this point – I finished my set of 25 flies for Owl Jones’ fly swap – and tied up a prettier version of my Paddle Wheel Mayfly for my entry into the Cabela’s Wind River flyrod contest he’s got going on to boot. Now I’ve got to get that stuff put into an envelope and mailed off to Georgia – as soon as I get his address again 😛

My local lake opens up to fishin on Saturday – I think I’m going to head out there on Sunday to say hello, and get to know a couple new fly-rod friends.

Also, the RIVER KEEPER is requesting help – Recycled Fish is trying to win some grant money from to keep on keepin’ on – so head on over to Recycled Fish, look at the lil’ green box on the lower right hand corner of their site, and click the last link (it takes you to the voting site for BoatUS) and help Recycled Fish recycle more fish, thus helping to sustain fisheries so the next generation of anglers has something to fish for. It’s a good cause, and only takes a click of the mouse.



  1. The Nothing / Mar 2 2012 18:34

    Thanks for the:
    A- Recycled Fish plug!
    B- reminding me that the lake opener is tomorrow!

  2. FISH TALES / Mar 2 2012 23:29

    what is it worth to gain the world… if it cost you your soul? keep listening to your heart.. thanks for the recycled fish plug Mark-

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