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March 8, 2012 / flogginwater

Short Trip

Last Saturday my local lake reopened for fishing. Sunday, I hit it up with my nephew Tyler. I took three rods with me (I can’t bring myself to settle on just ONE rod for a trip anymore. I swear, somewhere deep inside me is a tournament bass fisherman trying to claw his way to the surface) – I took my LSi 6 weight (figuring it’d be the best tool for serious fishing), my Stowaway 3 weight (because it’s a good excuse to take it out and cast/fish it) and a spinning rod.


We got to the lake at about 11:30 – with the cold weather and crowds, there wasn’t much a point in getting up too early – especially since my goal wasn’t the 10 inch stocker trout – but rather I was hoping to find some bluegills. Being bank bound, this was not a terribly easy task.

We chatted with a few other anglers, and wound up trying half a dozen spots around the lake over the course of the day – but in the end, Peppy lifted his tail and gave us a good hosing.

There were hundreds of anglers out at the lake – dozens of trailers in both of the boat ramp parking lots. To top it off, some wise guy didn’t seem to see a problem with scheduling a huge bicycle race on opening weekend out there, so in addition to hundreds of anglers – we got to deal with a couple hundred spandex clad Lance Armstrong fans peddling their tookuses around the park. There were flaggers and pilot cars, it was crazy. Still wouldn’t have minded having a boat to join the armada out there.


In the end, we wound up at the fishing pier on the west shore of the lake, and I broke down and plunked bait (Berkley crappie nibbles) just to relax and kill some time. Tyler stuck with his fly rod (he only brought a single rod, so he didn’t exactly have much choice.)


Didn’t get as much as a nibble – but we did see a small perch come up and roll on the surface, just to rub some salt into the wound of not getting any fish.

There were reports abounding on the internet boards – including pictures – from some folks who had been out on Saturday, and Sunday – and a number of guys hooked into the “brooder” trout that ODFW plants a few times a year – these are basically hatchery steelhead that get planted in a lake after they’ve been relieved of their eggs or milt. Some of the fish caught went over 13lbs. I don’t recall reading or hearing about anyone getting one of those 10+ pound fish from the bank – they all came from boat anglers trolling plugs or wedding ring spinners. That just reinforced my desire to have a working boat again.

I’m looking forward to Spring and warming water temperatures.

As I was going through the pictures for this trip – I found some old pix from a couple years ago, that were still on the data card of my old camera – pix I’d forgotten about taking.

Here’s a pic of my mom, taken summer of 2010.


She, my nephew Tyler, and I had gone on a salmon fishing expedition – Ty wound up getting sick as a dog and puking and crapping his guts out all day. We hit up the Clackamas River near where it meets with the Willamette at the end of that day, after getting no salmon. She threw out a bubble gum pink plastic worm under a salmon class bobber (I wasn’t going to argue rigging with her, she was still just having fun, which is what fishing is about in the end.) – shortly after that, the bobber disappeared. I was fishing a bit downstream, and heard her hollering to come quick. By the time I got there, she’d landed the fish and had him on the ground. Quite a hog. The fish was dispatched, taken home, and eaten. Bass don’t belong in the Clackamas River. And they don’t necessarily care if the lure you present to them is rigged “wrong” or not – if they are hungry, they’re gonna eat it.



  1. brandon4455 / Mar 8 2012 05:55

    well getting out on the water beats sitting at home! my friend brad was out there during the opener and him and his brother limited out, i guess the fish were being a little picky,anything that looked like a little baitfish got their attention.

  2. argosgirl / Mar 8 2012 08:46

    I can't go fishing without taking multiple rods either. When I'm in the canoe I try to limit it to two rods due to lack of space, but in the boat…well, I've had up to 8 rods just for me in the boat 🙂

    I have gotten skunked far too often this winter, I feel your pain. But it's always a good day just to get out.

  3. Anonymous / Mar 9 2012 09:23

    god i didnt think you were really going to use that stupid photo of me Mark!!!!!

  4. Mark / Mar 9 2012 09:42

    Mwahahaha! Make stupid faces – get stupid faces posted to the internets for all eternity, right? 🙂

    And argosgirl – I've had similar affliction – though not quite as bad. The most rods I've ever taken in a boat with me was 6. I feel a bit OCD sometimes when I have that many rods with me.

    Brandon – I've been hearing that most folks are getting their fish on either rapala type plugs, or rooster tail spinners flat lined or fished behind a small diver. Lots of 10+ lb rainbow brooders taken this week. It's crazy!

  5. brandon4455 / Mar 11 2012 03:35

    yeah ive seen pics of some hog brooders lately! i excited to try the bass fishery in there this year. im also gunna have to get out there sometime to troll some buggers around or something was suppose to opening day but things never panned out


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