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March 9, 2012 / flogginwater

New (to me) Boat!

A fellow on a local fishing forum had this little 12′ aluminum gem up for sale or trade for a measly $400. I swapped a handgun straight across for her and brought her home last night.

She’s a “Foremost” brand boat – V entry with a mostly flat bottom at the stern. There’s been a few custom touches added by previous owners – the storage box built between the rear and middle seats, the metal platform for a depth finder built onto the rear sear. PVC rod/net holders bolted to each seat, carpet cut and rolled out on the bottom.

She’s said not to leak, has new tags that I have to put on (good through the end of 2013) – all I’ve got to do is add a motor and water to float her on. The previous owner even gave me the mandatory safety equipment – fire extinguisher, air horn, two life vests (I already have better ones, but spares are always a good thing, right?), throwable PFD. She came with three rod holders, a bottle of “Lemon Joy” (which is a must for salmon fishers here in the PNW – lemon joy, used to clean your hands and your lures between fish, seems to have magical properties for catching fish. Or so it’s users claim.) and some cup holders. Like I said, just add water and power and we’re fishin!





I also stopped in to the local marine parts store, and was given some free advice by one of their techs about what to check to get my little kicker motor running, so this baby can be gas powered (instead of just having her owner be gas powered…)

I am going to see about getting an electric trolling motor for her though – some of the lakes I want to put her on are electric only – no gas motors allowed.

Going to take her out on Sunday to see if we can’t find some of those lunker trout everyone else was catching last week.


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  1. argosgirl / Mar 10 2012 19:01

    Congrats! There's nothing like a 12ft tinny – I got one last year and used it every weekend. Perfect for putting into hard-to-reach areas, but handles bigger water in the right weather.

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