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March 12, 2012 / flogginwater

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow…

Shall keep this crazy ass angler from freezing his extremities off putting around the late in a small aluminum boat and not catching anything other than a cold.

We put in at 11:00AM – a bit later than anticipated, but I had to stop at the local hardware store and buy some oars (cheapest place in town) – the oars from my late brother in law’s drift boat were simply way, way too long for a 12′ skiff. The hardware store didn’t open until 10AM, being Sunday and all. No biggie.

So we’re on the water by 11 AM. It was cold, but sunny when we put in. Then it started drizzling. That’s OK, a bit of drizzle can be good for trout fishing. We made it almost half way across the lake when the wind kicked up. This lake is known for wind, so no big deal. Wind waves were only 8-10 inches. We turned and headed for the dam, to troll across the face of it. Then the drizzle turned to real rain. OK, so it’s raining, so what?

We trolled across the dam face, and turned north along the western bank. Still no bites. Made it maybe a quarter mile up the bank and I got a strike. When I picked up the rod to reset the hook and begin cranking, I ripped the rod holder out of the socket. In the ensuing mess getting the rod from the holder – the fish got off. OK, missed the first fish. No big deal.

We trolled another quarter mile or so, then headed back across the lake under a light drizzle. Mother nature wasn’t done yet. Drizzle suddenly turned into small hail. Ok, that stings the bare skin on my hands. Damn me for forgetting gloves. My hands are cold, where did I put those nitrile gloves…

By the 2/3 point back across the lake, the hail gave way to snow, blown almost sideways by wind gusts upto 10 miles per hour. Wind waves were approaching a foot. This could be concerning to someone of lesser steel. Turned the bow into the waves and continued trolling. Did I just miss a strike? Damnit.

Headed for the “shelter” of my favorite cove to see if anyone was home. Tyler muttered something about having to pee. Snow let up, wind died down, and the sun came out. Ah, soooooo good. Nice calm water in the cove. Is that a fish rising up yonder? Okay okay, we’ll beach the boat so you can go piss… “Holy crap I got a fish!” Tyler yells. He does what I did earlier, and rips the rod holder from the base. Going to have to look at getting new bases, these ones seem worn out. Tyler gets the fish 30-35 feet from the boat. We see a silver flash, then BAM – fishy is off. Expletives uttered. Ah damnit, it’s raining again. Oh joy, the wind is kicking up. AT least it’s to our backs!

Damn that hail stings! Glad I found those damn nitrile gloves. I cant’ feel my fingers. I shove my hands into my waders to warm up. Another hundred feet and it’s snowing, again. Big flakes of puffy white snow. It’s melting upon contact with land – I think we’ll be fine. I don’t think I’ve got toes anymore.

We reel up and beach the boat. Peeling out of life jacket and waders to pee is making me cold. I hate being cold. Back in the boat. Took a few minutes of comedic trial to get it back in the water and off the mud beach.

Back in action, wind is letting up. What’s the bright thing burning through the clouds – it’s light feel soooo good on my face and arms. Oh yeah, that’s the sun! Another missed strike. We turn and make one more pass before heading back toward the open water.

At the mouth of the cove, we see a couple really crazy guys trolling from their one man pontoons. Back into the open water, we see some fish rising ahead again. Trolling toward them in hopes of finding one retarded enough to eat something neon orange or green.

Troll is going great, until a pair of jackasses in big boats decide to turn toward us pulling their own trolling gear. To avoid tangles and collision, we make a 180, while cursing their mothers and grand mothers for birthing such rotten children. Turn up the throttle and head for open water again, before turning for the dam.

Trolling south now along the eastern bank, the weather breaks and we get a bit more sun. Try the cove closet to the dam with no success. Head north again, hundred yards off the east bank. Pass the boat ramp, the wind kicks up. “How about we go try plunking bait in the shelter of the cove north of the ramp?”

Rounding the point heading for the cove, I hook something trolling an olive woolly bugger behind a neon orange wedding ring setup. I think it’s a snag. Turn the boat around and chase the line down. Drag starts screaming. “Shit, I think this is a fish!” Continue chasing it. Get almost vertical, pump and reel pump and reel – it’s coming up slowly. Drag starts pulling again. Damn it it’s back on bottom! Pump and reel, pump and reel, pump and… damn! The hook straightened! Cheap light wire piece of shit!

We make it into the cove, no wind, no rain, no sleet. Rig up the light rods for bottom fishing. Drop a line over the side, lay back and stretch out. Half an hour passes with no bites. “Lets make one more trolling pass before we call it quits.”

We head back for open water off the boat ramp. Wind kicks up – we’re not making much head way. I change rigs, pulling a plug again, one of my new Rapalas. Tyler is pulling a brass spinner. Kick the motor into high gear to buck the wind and waves. “We’re on #5, and not going very fast. I think the battery is dying.”

We go a hundred yards off the dock and turn around. Coming back in on speed setting 2 – the wind is pushing us faster. Reel shit in when we get close to the dock. Kick the motor up to number 5 again to steer toward the dock – oh wait, why are we moving sideways? Shit, the battery is really crapping out. “Can you get us closer?” “Uh no, I can’t, the fucking wind is pushing us sideways.”

The battery gives us it’s last bit of effort, Tyler is able to grab the end of the dock. He’s able to pull us faster than the motor does with the battery’s last bit of juice.

Trailer the boat and head out. Damn I’m tired. Feels good to be on dry land. Is that the sun coming out? Mother nature is a bitch. Lets go home…



  1. Howard Levett / Mar 12 2012 19:36

    Sounds like the adventures of two grumpy fishermen.

  2. brandon4455 / Mar 12 2012 20:18

    sounds like a very eventful day.. always a good day of fishing even if you get a bit soggy from the rain. easily beats sitting around the house i had a similar day steelhead fishing on the coast in january.. hooked two both were during small breaks in the rain event we soaked that day

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