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March 20, 2012 / flogginwater


Okay, that’s not a word – until now. I invented it. Can I trademark that? I think I’m gonna trademark that. Or copyright it or something. Like Charlie Sheen and “Tiger blood” or something.

Aside from post-whoring out gear reviews and previews, and tellin ya’ll what my ultimate skeer-fest is in the woods – I’ve been trying to busy myself. This is the longest period of unemployment I’ve had since 2004. The bank account isn’t looking terribly happy. The stress of not having steady income and needing it isn’t doing me any favors at the moment. If it weren’t for the fact that my nephew was forking out the gas money to go fishing – I wouldn’t even have gone the last couple times I went.

Fly tying is a good way to get my mind off the bad things and just get into a happy zone for a while, since I don’t have a pond in my back yard to chase fish around on.

I’ve also occupied myself with a couple other small projects – like finally building up a good lake/boat fly box, banging out the gear reviews I promised long time back, and other less exciting stuff.

So have a look at my home-made boat fly box – total cost for the box, the slot foam, and the magnet sheet were $12 or so – or about $30 less than the cheapest box of it’s kind I’ve seen.





We’ll see how it holds up – worst case scenario is I gotta glue stuff in there better.

And I worked up some new woolly bugger variants – I call ’em Wire Buggers – they forego the traditional chenille or dubbed bodies you see on most buggers, along with the wire ribbing – the body itself IS colored wire. I used a sparse, dry fly saddle for the hackle and an orange glass bead to simulate an egg for the bugger to eat.

The brown dudes got some nifty reverse antennae made from variegated live rubber.



They should catch some big feesh.

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  1. Howard Levett / Mar 20 2012 18:16

    Mark I think you may be on to something with the fly box. I can store a lot of “extra” flies in a box like that. And, I like the buggers. I've never seem them tied like that before. I hope you'll give us a report soon.

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