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March 22, 2012 / flogginwater

I need to fish – soon

Or I’m gonna explode.

Today was just shitty. I was really hoping for a good day – but it wasn’t. Woke up to very annoying family visiting my dad – for the 5th day in a row. And every door in the house standing wide open. It snowed last night. It was fucking cold this morning.

Sister really needs to go back to work. She’s been over every day, for the better part of the day. I can’t stand her. My wife can’t stand her. We can’t stand her annoying damn daughter, the daughter’s baby (who whines and cries about 10x what our boy does), or the baby’s alleged sperm donor. Have I mentioned before, that I hate 80% of my family? If you couldn’t guess, the throng that keeps coming over is part of the 80%.

As I sat down and fed my son his breakfast, my niece pops off “your batteries got knocked over and all the acid leaked out” – referring to the deep cycle battery for my trolling motor. The brand new, used one god damned time battery that, last I saw, was perfectly upright on the floor of the shop yesterday. The girl is 19, with the mentality of a 13 year old. She wouldn’t fess up to knocking it over – but someone es’plain to me how a 40lb battery winds up on it’s side, spilling battery acid out, all by itself?

I was pissed. More so, because I didn’t have the cash to replace the damn battery. My old man offered to replace it – likely because he knew the girl’s story was complete bullshit (“I just found it that way”) and because she’s his little princess, and he is always bailing her ass out. She pops off “you can always take it back and tell them it doesn’t work – I did that with my car battery”. I guess defrauding a store is OK with her. I took the now-useless battery back to the store, sure that they wouldn’t actually warranty it. I told them what happened. The manager, unsurprisingly, says “we don’t warranty batteries that are damaged negligently.” That’s cool with me, at least I’ve got the empty battery to return as a core.

Just as I was getting ready to leave – my old man decided he needed to go to the ER, saying he couldn’t breathe. Annoying sister tells him to go by ambulance (again. Third time in two weeks. Fire department and ambulance crew are getting to know the way to our house very well.) Dad can’t sleep on his back or side lately – he thinks he’s suffocating. Has to be sitting in a chair with a fan blowing on his face. Docs have told him he’s just having anxiety attacks. Typical 82 year old man, he says they’re wrong “what do I have to have anxiety over?” They have poked, prodded, taken blood, taken piss test, done X-rays, CAT scans, and just about everything else. He gets a different answer every time he goes, but the same basic thing they say is “we can’t find anything actually wrong with you, except that you’re getting older”. Last week he started using a walker. This week he thinks he needs to buy an oxygen condenser. The old man keeps swinging between demanding every heater in the house be on (4 of them) and set to 80 degrees – to having all the doors open lately because he says he can’t breathe unless he’s in cold air. This is going to be great for the power company, I’m sure. Got to do our part for Global Warming too, but hey, I’m all for global warming at this point – it’d mean the lakes warm up faster and I can actually start fishing for panfish again. It’s officially spring, it’s time for this snow BS to GTFO and let the sun shine, shine, shine.

Then I had to root through my bin-o-documents and hunt up some financial information from a few years ago, so I could complete a background packet for an employer. YAY. And of course, when I sat down to finish the background packet (which is done online) – the computer was having issues.

The baby is teething and thus cranky in his own way today.

I need to fish. Soon. I need a job. Soon. We need to move the fuck away from the annoying parts of the family, and not look back. I am really, seriously hoping that the federal job comes through and we wind up moving to Texas or Louisiana and put a couple thousand miles between us and the drama-llama whipping family, and this crappy cold weather. Bring on the sun, the warm water, and everything that goes with it.

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