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March 23, 2012 / flogginwater


This is my 200th post on Floggin’ Water. Jebezuz. The blog is a bit over a year old now – and in a way I’m kind of sad to see that there’s only 51 people out there who will admit to reading this blog – or only 51 people out there who have read it. But I guess the message is getting out regardless. And really – how many people could read the drivel that pours from my head into my keyboard and out onto the great wide intarwebz anyway?

I snuck out for an hour tonight to try a pond that just opened to fishing this week. They built the damn thing about a decade ago – but it’s always been posted no trespassing/no fishing. Then this week ODFW dumped a thousand trout in there and it officially opened for business.

I guess the parks department couldn’t bring themselves to say outright that they only intended the pond for disabled folks, old folks, and children – it’s technically open to everyone, but there was a sign stating “Fishing allowed from this sign to the steps 300′ beyond ONLY” – a sign that I didn’t see for the first 45 minutes I was there. And they didn’t bother posting any other signage indicating the open/closed areas. Ohwell.

I didn’t get anything other than an untanglable leader (one of my furled leaders, no less) after weaksaucing a cast just as a tuft of wind hit me. It blew the leader backward, hit the rod, and managed the knot from hell. First time I’ve never been able to pick out a knot from a furled leader. Ohwell, I’ll just make some more eventually….

I did take 2 rods with me though – the LSi 6 weight with the furled leader – and my Wright & McGill 2 weight. Yeah, drastically different. I was basically hoping to use the 6 to find the fish, then switch to the lighter rod to see how it would do – if the fish were cooperative anyway. They weren’t. I did break the glass bead off one of my new wirebuggers. Now it looks funny.

The 2 weight casts like a damn dream though! It did anything I could possibly ask of a rod so light – at least when using a WF3 line. I left the double taper at home, because it’s been kinda breezy today. I didn’t even notice the weight of the Pfleuger 1494 while casting. I was pumping out 35′ casts pretty easily – overhead or sidearm style. It also roll cast much, much better than I expected for such a light rod. I’m really, really, really looking forward to more serious fishing with this rod – I envision it becoming my favorite light rod to fish with. We need 65 degree air and 60 degree water now, so the bluegill will move in shallow and get their feedbag on, and start their spawn.

I also got the flies from one of the fly swaps I’ve been participating in today – some really talented tiers took part. Aside from getting one monolithic dry fly intended for fishing the mythical Stonefly Hatch on the Deschutes, I was the only one who tied a dry fly. Everyone else tied up some amazing bead head nymph patterns.

I hope Owl Jones got the flies for my swap in tact. I’m anxiously awaiting to see everyone else’s foamy creations. Bluegillin’ like a boss, I say!

In more sad news – I got another denial letter today – from one of the corrections jobs I applied for. Kind of took the air out of my sails again. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to land something more than a dead end job, which, even those right now are eluding me. I applied for 4 more jobs today – including one as a “Decedent Removal Technician” – in other words, the dude who comes in and removes dead bodies from homes and takes them to funeral homes for processing. It’s kind of a weird job – but it pays $11 an hour to start. And I guess it’s a job that’s always in demand, because people are always dying.

So this is my weird 200th post. Enjoy!


  1. Howard Levett / Mar 24 2012 15:52

    Congrats Mark on hitting that 200th post. I'm pretty sure that you have more than 52 fans. Most are just shy about signing up. I thought I was the only one who could knot up a furled leader. That's why it's called windknots and tangled lines! Keep the faith, there is a job out there for you.

  2. Gregg / Mar 26 2012 18:05


    New to your site, very self effacing, I like that. Anxious to explore more! Keep up the job hunt and good luck.


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